Monthly Digest #1: April 2021

RIP DMX, RIP Black Rob, RIP Shock G, Nipsey Hussle Biography & Documentary

Thank you again for being a paid subscriber and welcome to the first edition of my (not so) little monthly digest where I’m sharing with you cool and interesting stuff I’ve been reading, watching or listening to lately.

I wish I would have started with lighter content, but April was particularly tragic, as we lost within a few days 2 legends (DMX and Shock-G) and a solid veteran who was way more than just a one “Whoa” hit wonder (Black Rob). May they rest in peace.

🐕 RIP DMX (December 18, 1970 - April 9, 2021)

Check out here for the rest of the series (including such songs as “Slippin”, “Stop Being Greedy”, “Come Back In One Piece”, “Damien”, “Get At Me Dog”, etc.

🖤 RIP Black Rob (June 8, 1968 - April 17, 2021)

🥸 RIP Shock G (August 25, 1963 - April 22, 2021)

Part 2: Shock G eschews grand theft auto for a career in the music industry.

Part 3: Digital Underground frontman Shock G talks about the deep impact that Parliament-Funkadelic and its eccentric leader George Clinton had on his career and life.

Part 4: Tour stories and tragedy: Digital Underground frontman Shock G relates the highs and lows of the band’s touring days in the ’90s.

🏁 Nipsey Hussle Biography & Documentary:

Additional readings on Rob Kenner’s blog:

Last but not least, one of the best and most heartfelt Nip tribute tracks received the video treatment on the 2-Year Anniversary of his passing:

I hope you enjoyed this first monthly digest.

See you next month!

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