Playlist Update #1

Feat. Morray, Jayy Grams, Neek Bucks, Saviii 3rd, Beeda Weeda, Z-Ro, Lexii Alijai (RIP), Sameer Ahmad, Hakill, Uno Hype, Kenyon Dixon, Joyce Wrice, Cosima & More

It’s been a long time

I shouldn’t have left you

Without a dope playlist to vibe to

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  1. Morray - Big Decisions

  2. Kevin Gates - Wishing In Morocco

  3. Blue Ragg$ - Leave You Alone

  4. Jayy Grams - Craven

  5. Neek Bucks ft. Benny The Butcher - PAIN

  6. Trae Tha Truth x Mysonne - You Know How We Coming

  7. Saviii 3rd - Who Gon Slide

  8. Beeda Weeda ft. Lil Blood - Back Mack'n Trap'n & Rap'n

  9. Cousin Fik x E-40 x Hitta Slim - Still at It

  10. Big Tone x Villain - Get Right

  11. Payroll Giovanni & Cardo ft. Smitty Soul - Always Hustling

  12. Brill 4 The Thrill ft. Illa - Let's Get Some Money

  13. Z-Ro & Mike D ft. C Note, Big Pokey, Lil' O - Real N.I.G.G.A.

  14. YBN Almighty Jay - Battling My Spirit

  15. Wacotron - Toothpaste

  16. Meryl ft. Akiyo - BB Compte

  17. Yelawolf x Caskey - Just the Intro

  18. Peewee Longway ft. Cassius Jay - Takeoff

  19. Drakeo The Ruler - It's Sum Shit On Me

  20. Da Damn Sen x Rico Rich x Mr Neva Die ft. Z-Ro - All I Know

  21. Hollow Tip - Mercenary Mafia

  22. Yowda - Hard Times

  23. Lil Blood - Save Me

  24. SmooVth x Giallo Point ft. Eddie Kaine, Rim - Plates

  25. J. Arrr ft. Che Noir - 2020

  26. Chima Anya x SoulChef - Coincidental

  27. Lexii Alijai ft. Wale - Hoodie SZN

  28. Saint Parrish ft. Mick Jenkins - Blue Bills.

  29. Sameer Ahmad - Bleu Delta (Bayou Bastardise)

  30. King Locust x Maffii - How Many Times

  31. Ohana Bam - All 2 U

  32. OMB Peezy - Everythang

  33. Sage Pee - Peur d'être seul

  34. Hakill - Fii

  35. Uno Hype ft. Jerome Thomas - Superman

  36. Domani - Henny & Crystals

  37. Mike Classic - Blessed

  38. Caleborate x Kota The Friend - Contact

  39. J. Sirus ft. Zyah Belle - Options

  40. Sham1016 ft. Committee Sounds, Emani - Out of Bounds

  41. glbl wrmng ft. Pell, LeTrainiump, Dominic Scott - Technicolor

  42. Kenyon Dixon - Tithes

  43. Joyce Wrice ft. Freddie Gibbs - On One

  44. KAMAUU ft. Adeline, Masego - Mango (Remix)

  45. Goodboy Noah - Tie Down

  46. Shelley fka DRAM - Exposure

  47. Bruno Mars x Anderson .Paak aka Silk Sonic - Leave The Door Open

  48. Brent Faiyaz - Show U Off

  49. Cosima - Backseat Drivers

  50. Jacob Banks - Found

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Some of this month’s featured songs received the visual treatment. Watch the cream of the crop below.

S/o to @Boy_hakill for his heartfelt and powerful #FreeSenegal anthem 🇸🇳

RIP Lexii Alijai. May she keep on groovin' in heaven with her grandfather the late great Roger Troutman.

I hope you enjoyed this first update of my Kick’s Groove playlist.

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