Wassup! My name is Julien Tribet aka Kicket, I’m a French content creator and photographer based in Paris. Been into this rap/R&B shit for 30+ years and I have no intention of retiring. Kick’s Groove is the latest avatar of my lifelong love for music discovery and sharing. It comes as a Spotify playlist and a newsletter.

The playlist features only new songs. My faves at the moment. Hopefully, yours too. I try to give it a complete refresh every month or so, so make sure you add it to your Spotify library and subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date.

It reflects nuthin’ but my own personal tastes within the many rap and R&B subgenres and local flavors. Expect mostly Westcoast, Southern and Midwest gangsta rap + G-funk, cool rap and soulful R&B from all over the place. Cause I’m the type to enjoy an obscure Bay Area slapper as much as a cuffing-season-friendly slow jam. So should you.

You will be familiar with some artists. You won’t with most. I always seek out underdogs, hidden gems and newcomers to take your listening pleasure further than your average playlist.

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Diggin’ in the streaming crates and navigating the overwhelming amount of new releases is time consuming, to say the least. So if you really value my good ol’ handcrafted music curation, you can make a one-time donation.

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Last but not least: in case you are wondering, the name “Kick’s Groove” is an obvious nod to DJ Quik (one of my all time favorite artists!) and his legendary “Quik’s Groove” instrumental series.

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