WTF is Kick’s Groove? 🤔

Kick’s Groove is your monthly dose of dope ass new music, from gangsta rap to soulful R&B and everything in between.

It’s a playlist and also a newsletter, the latter being the best way to stay up-to-date with the former.

The playlist reflects nuthin’ but my own personal taste within the many rap and R&B subgenres and local flavors. Country rap tunes, trap or boom bap? I don’t discriminate. A cuffing-season-friendly slow jam or an obscure Bay Area slapper? I indulge myself with both. So should you.

You will be familiar with some artists. You won’t with most. I’m always seeking out underdogs, hidden gems and newcomers to take your listening pleasure further than your average playlist.

So sit back, follow #KicksGroove2021 and enjoy 50+ fresh rap/R&B releases. My favs at the moment. Hopefully, yours too.

Oh and btw, in case you’re wondering, the name is an obvious nod to one of my all time favorite artists, DJ Quik, and his legendary Quik’s Groove series.

Ok, but who are you? 🧐

My name is Julien Tribet aka Kicket.

I’m a gangsta rap fiend, a G-funk junkie and a sucker for soulful R&B.

Between early 2003 and late 2008, way before podcasts were even a thing, I used to host the very first gangsta rap/G-funk online radio show in France: 187 Show. This lead me to start my own independent label: 187 Prod. Over the years, I’ve worked on several other projects, most notably Deeper Than Rap and La Cam’ de Kicket.

Kick’s Groove is the latest avatar of my lifelong love for music discovery and sharing.

Where can I listen to the damn playlist? 🎧

On Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music.

Don’t forget to add the playlist to your library (if you’re using Spotify or Apple Music) or to your favorites (if you’re using Deezer).

Quick tip to improve your listening experience: enable crossfade in the playback settings and select a 6 seconds crossfade duration.

How do I subscribe to the newsletter? 📧

Click the button below. Be sure to choose the free tier.

When is it updated? 📆

Once a month, usually on the 30th or the 31st.

Sounds cool! How can I support you further? ✊

Diggin’ in the streaming crates and navigating the overwhelming amount of new music dropping every week is time consuming, to say the least.

So if you value my good ol’ handcrafted music curation, here are 3 easy ways you can help me keep grinding:

⏩ Forward the playlist to your friends (to your momma and your cousin too) and tell them to subscribe to the newsletter.

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You are appreciated *2Pac’s voice* 🙏

Wait! What’s in for me as a paid subscriber? 🎁

If you join at the monthly or yearly subscription tiers, you will:

  • Get access to 2 private playlists consisting of all songs ever added to Kick’s Groove public playlist: “The Rap Archive” and “The R&B Archive”.

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  • Be able to submit songs. I can’t assure you I will add them to the playlist, but I will definitely listen to them carefully and give you my honest feedbacks.

How can I get in touch? 👋

Questions? Comments? Ideas on how Kick’s Groove could be better? Holla at me on TwitterInstagramFacebook or via email at